Practical Exposure Correction: Great Truths Are Always Simple

Long Ma1, Tianjiao Ma1, Xinwei Xue2, Xin Fan2, Zhongxuan Luo1, Risheng Liu2, *,

1 School of Software Technology, Dalian University of Technology
2 DUT-RU International School of Information Science & Engineering, Dalian University of Technology

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Improving the visual quality of the given degraded observation by correcting exposure level is a fundamental task in the computer vision community. Existing works commonly lack adaptability towards unknown scenes because of the data-driven patterns (deep networks) and limited regularization (traditional optimization), and they usually need time-consuming inference. These two points heavily limit their practicability. In this paper, we establish a Practical Exposure Corrector (PEC) that assembles the characteristics of efficiency and performance. To be concrete, we rethink the exposure correction to provide a linear solution with exposure-sensitive compensation. Around generating the compensation, we introduce an exposure adversarial function as the key engine to fully extract valuable information from the observation. By applying the defined function, we construct a segmented shrinkage iterative scheme to generate the desired compensation. Its shrinkage nature supplies powerful support for algorithmic stability and robustness. Extensive experimental evaluations fully reveal the superiority of our proposed PEC. The code is available at